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Text and photo: DE I

You can call yourself Nikolaev, theater director, or Silin, singer, or Kalinauskas, doctor in philosophy and a spiritual practitioner, or never call yourself any of these names, because man needs to address to the society around him, rather than to himself. You can build great relationships with others and never care to build them with yourself. How and why you should talk with your inner “I”? We at DE asked about it the artist called Nikolaev, and perhaps the artist Silin, o was that psychologist Igor Kalinauskas?
Igor Kalinauskas is the master of the spiritual tradition, the frontman of Zikr vocal duo, a poet, a theater director, a philosopher, a practicing psychologist, and an author. As a director he worked under the pseudonym of Igor Nikolaev, from 1970 to 1984, staging performances in Astrakhan, Ordzhonikidze, Minsk, Vilnius and other cities. As a singer and composer, he performs under alias Igor Silin.

- Person is the greatest of arts. The purpose of human life is to live. First you need to learn to live without death. The second goal is not to turn back, to sit behind the steering-wheel, keep your car of life, to avoid crashing into the pole. Behind the wheel you must always look ahead.
People are often ignorant in relation to themselves. A person’s inner life is his intimate life.

- We are the organisms, the flesh, that is the sum of living cells. Living cells have the ability to resonate with each other. They perceive resonance through the space full of modulated energy, and emit modulated energy. There is a spontaneous output and controlled output power. People who train to control their energy, bring their body structure level up to such a quality that at the time of death of the physical body they stay personalities and go on living in second-level realities. People who control the mechanism of resonance, are ahead of events by several moves, as they see the beginning of the movement. For them, ordinary people are like sleepy flies. I once saw it for the first time in my life: a man was running across the street in the wrong place while sleeping, and I was shocked.

- We use many different techniques, all based on vibration. The main thing for a singer is not to fall victim to pride and do not start thinking that you heal the public. In fact, you’re just busy with something interesting, you enter into resonance with the space, open your mouth and the music goes through you. Artist is a medium between the sounds and the audience.

- It happened so that all my adult life, probably years from 16, I took a keen interest in human voice. I loved to listen to folk singing, hunting for records from the Tibetan monasteries. My grandmother was a mourner, Olga, my partner for the Zikr duo, too. The basis of all archaic chants is vibration, and using my technique training system was born vibration singing. Our duo is the theater of voice. Soon it will be 17 years since we started to sing, we recorded over 20 albums, plus live recordings. We traveled around the world from the Baltic and CIS countries to Hong Kong, Broadway and Paris. We even have the idea of making a tour of the temples of the world. We love to sing in churches, especially Catholic churches, as there is always excellent acoustics and lively, full-bodied space.


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