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Text and photo: Maxim Masaltsev

A series of psychological shootouts is going to be released this fall by Pervy Kanal, a motivation show led by Gerasichev, the man
whose one-hour appearance in the “Kontext” created so much noise as if he had become all the characters of a Sergio Leone classic western. He is “the good, the bad, and the evil” embodied in one.
Once, Gerasichev coached me, just a little bit. In a year after that, I made the movie I had been postponing for ages. Today it is his turn to get into the cycle of turning an idea into an on-screen image.

- An adult’s consciousness is like porridge without butter. Most often, he does not understand what he should or what he wants to do, what is worth doing, what he can or cannot do. Much too often a new motivation or a question, “why do am I doing what I am doing” is utterly confusing. “I did everything I was supposed to do. Should I educate my children? Yes. Can I, is it worth it? Is it worth for me to go to work?” And so on and so forth. Earlier in life, all this directly determined his personal freedom or opportunities for personal growth, now it seems like these opportunities are not there anymore. At some point, we become closed to new information, because each one defends his case. We want to control the situation, or rather to create the illusion of control. And of course, someone is to blame. For example, one’s boss, husband, or wife. There are a lot of reasons that make being a victim comfortable, but it certainly is not the way to build effective relationships with others. Each head has its own mess in, and it is quite inedible.

- I’m not saying that I can play the game called life better than those I coach. Football player scores a goal, and influences the course of the game. His coach only affects his mood, in the context of the game the coach plays football worse than a player, he never pretends he plays better. A football player lets the coach be an expert. It is the player’s choice how to use the expert’s advice.

- In case you do not turn on your daring, your energy, your drive - something I call magic – nothing ever happens. The energy never lies. You can always read a person through it, whether he is in aggression, in love, in jealousy, in a kind of resentment, you can understand what he broadcasts. For me it’s an incredibly important part. I think, as soon as this drive dries up, I am old and finished. Just to give lectures and raise the theory is something I can not and do not want to do.


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