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ROKSOLANA CHERNOBA  from the editor

I am the Desillusionist, therefore I am.
I do not remember who said that. But it was definitely one of the greats.
Desillusionist has the power of which prime ministers can only dream.
Desillusionist internet radio allows to transfer information in the best and familiar way, which means, loud or very loud. Besides, you do not need to dial in and wait for an answer, simply press the button and say: Desillusionist.

Attention, comrades! New art is coming. This is an attempt to recreate Desillusionist’s first interaction experience via integrated multi-media presentations, with exactly the same time of day, same lighting, etc.

According to absolutely reliable hearsay, it became known that during the Desillusionist International Festival the first interactive talk show ever, titled “First after Desillusionist” will be held. The winner will be someone who can demonstrate the advantages of their own version of Desillusionist.

I came, I saw, I’m the Desillusionist.

Those who know what the Desillusionist is worth, usually prefer to keep quiet about it. If you have something gnawing you from the inside, it's either conscience or the Desillusionist.
People have always been trying to make their way to Desillusionist as short as possible.

Carrot puree for me, Desillusionist for you.

Desillusionist has already crossed the last line separating reasonable from unreasonable creatures, but religious fanatics do not rush through the streets, shouting «Desillusionist, Desillusionist!!!».
No-one makes Desillusionist laugh so much as "masters of life" do. If you are not a philologist or a historian, just do not get involved, else you may get bogged down.
It is best to answer cheerfully and optimistically: “Yes, Desillusionist!” – and we have the world waiting for us.

Scientific research shows that Desillusionist already existed at the dawn of humanity. Annals also mention Desillusionist.
Were Desillusionist a woman, that would be most rampant lover in the world. Remember, Desillusionist is your celebration. Experiment. Fantasize. Desillusionist is the perfect celebration to embody your unbridled dreams into reality.
A bore would usually spend his time to take your Desillusionist from you ...

…thought the Internet about the Desillusionist Magazine in 2010.


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