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Text: Roksolana Chernoba
Photo: Yuri Beloivan

One of the world’s best tennis players Marat Safin thinks about retiring. Now is a break period that he takes nice and easy. He traveled to India and met people far beyond his circle. DE I learned that his goal now is to get distracted from the common routine and stick to the cult of being on the move, something he learned to appreciate since he was a child.

Life is too short to worry about everything that does not go well. You are always trying something in your life. Some things you like, and some things you don’t. You seek and try to reach a positive result. What’s the point of breaking into someone else’s door when no-one is waiting for you there and you haven’t got the keys? Some people worry a lot about getting 30 or 40 years old. But I think they are but new life stages, just more brightly expressed. Some people only finish learning and get a job at that age, and some people like me finish working or start a new job.

Sometimes problems appear to be serious, but changing an angle you see you were wrong making an elephant out of a fly, and the so-called problem is just a small obstacle. You only have to be true to yourself, keep moving to the final goal and then you will overcome everything. In our life there are various situations, but this is how life goes: without the everyday routine you would not have friends, and lose your meaning of life.

We often overload ourselves with the information or business we do not really need; we solve some problems we should not really care about. Maybe it is a kind of a habit. I have been trying to avoid getting stuck with some small details because I knew what I wanted. It is important to set right priorities. Life is short, and if a difficult situation occurs you need to solve it and move on. Sometimes problems like these just get solved by themselves. Finally, all that does not kill us makes us stronger and gives you guts.


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