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Text and photos: Maxim Masaltsev

A few weeks before the announcement of the American Academy choice, a great director, a clever and funny man, Danny Boyle in person presented "Slumdog Millionaire" at the first session in Russia. DE I met Danny when the show started and the Vol?ga film distribution company left the master at the mercy of journalists. Danny stood with dignity throughout the round with DE I. When the issue was in its final stage, the Danny Boyle film received 8 Oscars, including the main categories, ?Best Director? and ?Best Picture of the Year?.


DE I: Who do you think is the archenemy of man?

  ... (Laughs instead of an answer)

DE I: I?d specify: of today.

  Personally for me ? it's allergies. Globally, I think, loneliness. Culture is a mixture, a fusion. Different cultures clash people together, they mix, exchange ideas, and this is what has always been. It has always been in our country. In Japan, for example, there is very interesting culture, but they opened entry to foreigners a little over 100 years ago. It seems to me that this spoiled it. Now they are slowly opening. For the Slumdog Millionaire music was composed by MIA, a Sri Lankan-born girl from London who came to the U.S. and works in New York. She combines all three of these places, and creates her own art. This is the real modern life.

DE I: But people are afraid of new things.

  Yes, we are afraid of everything new, young people are afraid, but we should not be afraid. Initially, for the main role we found the actor, who was 25. But then we found a 17-year-old actor. There was a great risk to shoot a 17-year-old, but we went for it. We made the film become younger. This film is one of those based on memories. Usually you have to rely on the recollections of eighty-year-olds, as was the case with "Titanic." Here we finish the movie with the fact that the protagonist is 18, but he does not die, and his whole life is before him. It's very liberating.


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