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Text: Roksolana Chernoba
Photo: Maxim Masaltsev

Yogi, high-profile teacher of yoga Pilot Babaji appeared in Moscow without warning. So do those people for whom future is a solved question. If you reach samadhi, time will disappear, death will stay away. DE I invited the guru to the editor, and he suddenly accepted the invitation. This text was not born as an interview. Pilot Baba would reply when he realized that the answer was necessary.

Babaji is not looking for disciples. Pupils are looking for him, considering it happiness to be marked by his glance or a word, but the master expects from them the main thing ? the turning to the heart of the universe, the understanding of their ignorance, weakness, and false intellectualism.

DE I: There are people who have seen a thousand-year-old yogi. How is this possible?

  I know many yogis who are several hundred, one thousand, two thousand years old. This can be achieved by practice. You can save your body for a hundred thousand years. But then you die all the same. What is born must die. You can change your skin and body. Everything can be transformed into a body of eighty or twenty years old. In samadhi, you can control this kind of things. In samadhi, Death forgets about me for a hundred years. If I want to, tomorrow I will go and die. If I want, I may go back to India, and live a thousand years. Now my body is seventy, but I am millions of years old. The body, of course, will die.
Everybody has experience of samadhi, because nine months of life in the womb is samadhi.
Recently I was in Haridwar on the occasion of my ashram. One of my students met a Muslim practitioner there, Sidi Ali Baba. Ali Baba can be shown a person in the photo and asked: "Bring him to Indiağ and he would do it.
One hundred years ago, a master told his disciple to wait for him until he is out of samadhi. And this student, four hundred years old, almost a skeleton, asked Ali Baba to bring a teacher to him so that he could free him from this promise. He delivered the teacher, who seemed to forget everything and went on meditating. And the teacher freed the student from the pledge.

DE I: What is samadhi?

  Samadhi is a way out of everything. You are yourself, but you are also the universe and you are also nothing. Samadhi dissolves the boundaries between the individual and his or her environment. Distances disappear. All time becomes present: no past, no future, you simply ?are?. This is samadhi. For cognitive demonstration in samadhi there are some striking features: you can be immersed under the water for a long time and not drown, you can enter fire and not burn. You can put the body into the earth for many years, and it would not rot.

DE I: Why do yogis demonstrate samadhi?

  Everyone needs a teacher. Many good masters decide: "Let us give that knowledge to people." Because the world is your family. You are not separate from the world. Therefore, all the great masters go back into the world to talk about these experiences, open your mind to bring you enlightenment. All great religions and mythologies begin with this. When you realize it, you attain samadhi, and you become so happy that you cannot control it. Therefore, the master comes to people, to share the happiness with them. Whatever knowledge may be in the world, it must be passed to help someone else. Knowledge of the evolution of the world, the illusory world comes together with the samadhi. Your mind becomes very powerful, your body becomes strong and the feeling of bliss overwhelms you. When you develop mindfulness, you begin to understand what you can do for the world. You leave this world; you have no attachment or desire. This is no-mind.

DE I: What is no-mind?

  In your mind there is suffering, desires, thoughts. All of this overshadows your self. If you overcome your mind, you come into silence. Suffering is not necessary, though of itself, suffering is not a bad thing, and it can also open the way to God. To achieve samadhi you should discipline your mind and body. It's like nuclear energy. First, people figure out: here is the proton, here the electron. Then they are able to split the atom, and use nuclear energy. You take yourself and learn to understand: I am not my body, I am not my mind, I am not this and not that. After that you can use the energy of your true self. Aim your light at where you think it is dark. Keep questioning yourself: the answer always exists. Whatever job you're doing, whatever you do, you need to do it to the end, and it will be samadhi. Like a river flows into the ocean, so your mind flows into the heart. Mind is a dense forest. Give it up. You have nothing to lose but your mind will become an ocean.
Developing, every soul can emerge and reach the level of guru. People spend a lot of time on education, but they stay in ignorance. They want to know life, but they choose ways that lead to eternal struggle, suffering and pain.
In your body the unseen, the unknown power is hidden, which we call God. You are not the product of your mind. Accept what is hidden inside you. Your body is the universe. You are a creation; your mind is the continuation of creation, you appropriate only what is needed for a creation. But there is something besides it too. Body is an organization, a system of many lives. You have no idea of how old you are. You think that you are 20, 30, or 40 years old, but you have been traveling around for the past million years! The memory of this traveling is within you. A number of energies have been accumulated within you. All of you are unusual people.
But what do you keep for life? You develop your self; you strive for beauty of body and clarity of mind.
To understand the true combination of mind and body, Yoga is required. Yoga is not some exercise. It is the science of the system and transcendence. It helps overcome many limitations.

DE I: If we grasp the Samadhi in our mother?s womb, then why are we born?

  There are questions to which there is no answer. You can not ask: "Why did God create me?" Not being God, you cannot answer to this question. You can not ask your parents: "Why in the world you are doing this, I do not want to come into this world!" The place and date of birth, and everything else is defined by karma. Karma determines the mind, anything you remember, and DNA. It is only because of ignorance that people think they are their body or mind. Karma is not a soul. Everyone may think: "I am my body", "I'm a man," I am a wonderful wife, "I am rich". All this is ignorance. And where there is mind, there is surely karma. It's like the sun: in itself it does nothing, it does not think about warming the Earth or not warming it, but the earth lives because of its light and warmth. The sun rises, but it does not have thoughts. Thinking is a dead thing. True self is without thought, without dawn and dusk. It does not need to ask questions.
Active mind is the energy of success in society. Your job is not the mind, mind is what you create. The act of your mind is the act of the Universe.

Pilot Baba:

In 1930?s a boy was born to a royal family in India, and named Kapil Advait. Educated as a prince, he grew up when the time of kings was over. His first passion was chemistry, and then he went to the front of the battle as the country engaged in wars with Pakistan. The war ended with an armistice, Kapil demobilized and turned his mind to the sublime. Former Air Force wing commander went to the Himalayas and returned under the name Pilot Babaji. He became one of the few yogis having an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, and the only one who served as advisor to astronauts from a variety of countries.


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