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Text and photos: Roksolana Chernoba

Antonio Meneghetti, the famous Italian guru, scholar and painter especially for DE I readers contemplates on some of the most pressing problems of life.


About primitivization, fulfillment and freedom

Life of human beings is so amazing in itself that it is my only passion. Whoever these human beings are. Everyone is a masterpiece. Many believe that the most important thing in life is sex, but for People starting with capital letters it is always the mind, despite the fact that it requires continuous existential learning.

In turn, those who are interested in creating a system of dictatorship and belittlement of human dignity, are interested in the primitivization of society, because primitive people cannot make use of freedom. They do not know how to be smart, cannot take leading roles. They are infantile, they complain and cry, always go against their own will, and sometimes against others, becoming mentally ill. By and large, everyone is given equal rights from birth, but self-realization is a merit of each single individual. However, it is enough to understand the fundamental rules of our unconscious to come to knowledge of individual Onto In-Se*. This is as if learning self-love from plants, the most orderly project of life.

In the 70's there was a famous film "Die Fledermaus", where the director reveals in the rich capitalist society that vast majority of people live hidden and closed under the mountain. And he is trying to liberate these people whose inner world was deformed by years of incarceration. And when, finally, these people leave, they do not know what to do with their freedom. And all of them get killed just because they do not know how to behave in a civilized world.

Freedom is a right, a duty, and the result of individual achievements, and this is why there is a difference between the people: the majority behaves like small children who want to move to the next class simply as a fact, never learning and not trying to get a better grade for their efforts.

* "Personality starts with Onto In-Se. It is the nucleus, the central part, without which there is nothing. This is the form, design, drawing, program, DNA ? everything that defines typology of existence of this unity of action, called a "person" (Antonio Meneghetti in "Human In-Se").

Books by Antonio Meneghetti can be purchased at the Gallery of Modern Art "OntoArt"

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