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Text and Photo: DE I

Like anyone with extrasensory capabilities, Uri Geller has an extraordinary life. Everything about him is a mystery – how he sleeps, eats, not to mention his other basic human functions. For many years Geller’s main work has been trying to do good through the ‘medium’ of television. In other words, anyone watching one of his television shows gains access to a life affirming energy which Uri transmits straight from the studio. Physical and mental tiredness are compensated for by the impressions created by meeting new people, new acquaintances. On completing filming of his new Russian TV show ‘Phenomenon’, Geller appeared at DEI’s offices and immediately locked in to the invisible energy source peculiar to Briusov Pereulok.

Right at the door Uri asks ‘where is you kitchen?’ It seems even this phenomena gets thirsty from time to time. But that wasn’t the reason – Geller was looking for teaspoons. He doesn’t like being asked to bend or melt objects, so he tries to get to the subject first.
‘Here I am, and here is the spoon I have just bent for you. Would you now be so kind to move onto another subject…’

Geller stopped touring decades ago when cable television was capable of supplying him with a broad enough audience which quickly got used to live phone ins. Uri’s spoon bending has already left its mark on two generations of Israelis, British and Americans.

Where is my teaspoon?
So this is how it happened in front of our very eyes…

Uri takes the end of the teaspoon in his left hand, leaving the rest of it free in the air. He takes his forefinger and grabs the neck of the spoon and starts to rub it intensely. It seems as if his finger makes no contact with the metal. In a few seconds, the metal bends, or breaks in two. Geller did this with his bare hands. In his short sleeved tee-shirt, it was clear there was no equipment, there were no acid capsules in his hands - he had the help of his not very large biceps.

After the spoon trick, faith begins to return to even the most hard line sceptic with a PhD in physics. Now the witnesses gathered will examine every movement of his hands, every questions, statement, every phrase spoken by Geller. And he does like to ask questions. Literally ‘What’s that in the courtyard? Who lives in the next room? Where did you buy this lamp?’ The first of 20 questions. Or 13 per minute we calculated, not allowing you the time to think before you answer or to question what is happening in your presence. You have to answer short and sharp, in keeping with the rhythm that Geller is dictating. And each answer is greeted with joy and wonder, as if Uri is only familiarising himself with half of our world’s contents for the first time but, if he ‘switches on’ his talents, he can reach a deeper understanding of things from that position of innocence. And he sees each new person a bit like a cook would see an onion or a cabbage where the layers have to be peeled away one by one. When you get to the centre there may not be much left, but as you go, so many interesting layers of juicy material.


There is not one piece of audio or visual evidence that Geller caused Big Ben to stop. It’s clear he threatened to stop it, and that thousands of journalists worldwide interpreted and reported this threat as ‘Stopped!’ Even if it never happened, so what. After all a huge tower clock is not some little toy. And that is the extraordinary, inexplicable, infinite power that Geller uses (and some say exploits). He says himself: ‘Energy never runs out. But there is more of it used up every day that in the Hadron Collider . My consciousness is capable of altering the molecular structure of things. I have no idea how. Sometimes I feel that it’s nothing to do with me, it’s as a result of a Greater Being. This energy astonishes people. Maybe that is why my goal is to make peoples’ lives better, to warn of making the wrong decisions, to stop people drinking and smoking.”

Aware of the incredible power of the printed word, Uri almost in a whisper tells DEI’s editor that he considers the Collider to be evil. That is why he stopped it, broke it. And so another eternal legend appears. And who will argue with it. Tells some journalist, in confidence, off the record and tomorrow the whole world will know. So may we all know this truth…Uri brought to a standstill the discovery of the century; he avoided the End of the World; he saved us all… we are forever in his debt.

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