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ROKSOLANA CHERNOBA  from the editor

For someone, two colors are enough to describe the whole world; another may be helpless having two rainbows at hand. An abrupt truth from an ancient prophet foretells tomorrow more accurately than 100 channels of a TV transmission satellite. Those who listen and those who speak are equal in one thing: everyone wants to feel love just like for the first time; to discover in the new feeling something that cannot be evaluated through life experience; to let into their hearts all the very nonsense in the hope that the mind would knit it into something unique. Sometimes the mind succeeds in this task but more frequently it leaves behind thread knots of two colors. We get older, knots tear apart, but threads stay and drag on behind us, turning into a curious fringe.
You cannot hide it, or cut it off. To be deprived of this fringe is a major breakdown roughly comparable to timer zeroing. This issue of DE I is filled with knots and threads like these. Someone might start it all from the very start again and a couple of colors and couple of words would be enough for him to make this life better.


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