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Text: Maxim Masaltsev, Roksolana Chernoba
Photo: Roksolana Chernoba

The Predictions of Devrakha Baba

He said that our spiritual unification will happen in 2017 when a team from Siberia comes to the fore which will account for future economic growth. All Russian philosophy from the end of the 19th and start of the 20th centuries mentions this also. Many people don’t believe this and laugh at it: how could this be possible? Russia, spent the entire 20th century in a state of spiritual repression. What can be expected of her? But here we have an Indian teacher who believes.
Until 2017, there will be a proliferation of banditism, corruption and spiritual chaos. In 2012 it’s foretold that a clash between America and the Islamic World will ignite a world war. It’s possible this will also involve China, but Russia will hardly suffer because our strong and healthy spirit and material condition will raise the country to a new level. In a very short time, thanks to correct ideology, we will occupy the Number One position in the world.
…Considering the karma of our planet, I see two countries with a special spiritual mission – in first position Russia, and in second position, Brazil.
….One Yogi said to me that is Indian culture is actively passed on to the Russians and if even 10 people go through all the levels of the Indian School, that will be sufficient to create global changes all over the country. This is meant in the context of spirit and energy.
….My personal wonders started happening from my first days in India. First of all the geography of the place presented no problems for me. I knew all the roads. And second of all, I met my mother and relatives from my previous life.
It happened that during my first visit I accompanied Natalia Mihalovna Sazanova, one of Svyatoslav Rerikh’s closest friends. I met her at the Institute when I was trying to perfect my Hindi. We became friends, and she started preparing me to meet Shripad Baba, and my visit to India.
The story of how Shripad Baba met Sazanova should also be mentioned. Natalia Mihalovna was about 23-24 when she was sent as a Moscow State University student to India. She arrived in Agra, and she stayed with a family one of whom was a student of the Yogi. A few days on, the head of the family invited Natalia Mihalovna to see their teacher who very rarely came down from the Himalayas. And so this Russian woman who nobody knows stands behind all these young Yogis and watches how Shripad Baba comes in with a bouquet of white roses and makes straight for her. He gives her the flowers and says that he has been waiting for her for several hundred years. She thinks that this is a local custom and that there is no shortage of strange teachers in the world, but after the Yogi asked her why she had come, she answers that she is studying the 15th century and dreams about examining certain ancient books. Shripad Baba says to her ‘if you want, take off your shoes and come with me. I know where these books are.’ So the two of them set off on a trek across the Himalayas, and Sazanova becomes the only European academic in the world who has been allowed access to the Sanscrit sources.
When I met Shripad Baba for the first time, he had given up surprising her to that extent, but there were moments that are hard to recount.
Once we attended a gathering of all the yoga schools from all over India. I had come to Shripad Baba, and next to him is standing Natalia Mihalovna, and right in front of us a very tall person of about 2 meters materializes out of thin air. He had fair hair, light coloured clothes a bit like a Roman would wear, and he was about 50. The first thought I had was who is this smart-aleck? Even presidents come to see Shripad Baba strictly in turn and accompanied by various signs of respect. But this one did nothing, and to make it worse, Shripad Baba fell to his feet. Natalia Mihalovna signaled to me to turn on the camera, but I couldn’t, sensing that our guest forbid it. They discussed something, and the smart-aleck disappeared again. Sazanova immediately set about interrogating Shripad Baba. She had never before seen that he had bowed at someone’s feet.
The Yogi could only say that this was his teacher who rarely comes down to the earth, and he is one of the immortals. About 12 years after this encounter, a different Yogi said that he had also seen the ‘tall fair haired man’ visiting his teacher. He is remembered as a Russian who came to India in the 17th century to receive knowledge from one of the strongest Yogis. The Russians never walk the earth, they always appear from thin air. Sazanova also met an immortal teacher, but my video camera wasn’t working then either.


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