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Andrey Kochalovskiy   START WITH YOURSELF

Text: Roksolana Chernoba
Photo: Kirill Nikitenko

Before he started shooting his new movie “Glamour”, Andrey Konchalovsky said that “glamour is an illusion”, giving us a perfect lead into an interview.

DE I: You use the word “illusion” a lot. Do you agree that every time we abandon our aspirations and illusions we are not capable of going and further?

A.K.:  Nobody abandons illusions. Illusions collapse only to be replaced by new ones. Life is a continuous change of illusions. The truth is silence. Anything anybody says about the truth is just another illusion.

DE I: What emotions do you attempt to invoke with your new movie?

A.K.:  Terror, laughter, compassion. The three masks of the ancient Greek theatre: tears, terror, laughter.

DE I: Does the Tatar-Mongol enslavement still resonate in the Russian psyche?

A.K.:  Not only the Tatar yoke but also Northern, early Scandinavian. The Russians are very advanced emotionally but, unlike in Europe, we do not have respect for one another, responsibility.

DE I: What about the freedom 1991?

A.K.:  The freedom of 1991 brought nothing because the man in the street had no money. 1991 made millions poor and a couple thousand – rich. If that was the purpose of the revolution it is ridiculous. Nobody could have explained what it all would result in. Nor did Gorbachev understand it.
Russians will change if they overcome the established ethics code – the ethics of a slave, the absence of a sense of responsibility. A historical sense of a guilt is a privilege of a free man, something that Russia has never had.
Dostoevsky used to say that man is the battlefield between the animal and the angel. A combination of the ideal and the base generates man. When theatre are no base feelings, a man is no longer a man. He is an angel



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