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Text & photo:  Roxolana Chernoba

Oleg Yankovsky once said that he is “poisoned by good cinema”. The villains who poisoned him were some of the most prominent film directors: Basov, Balayan, Zakharov, and Tarkovsky, to name a few. Today, as Yankovsky returns to acting after a period of performing administrative functions, he does not try to make his return something extraordinary. However, Yankovsky is a brand of his own, the Great Russian Actor.

- This profession is very special: when you go out to the stage, all the maladies stop, even toothache.

- Today a very new kind of audience came to the cinema and theatre. Let me be not the judge but the healer of the audience. There is the audience that is tired of cataclysms and engaging in self-defense. In addition, there are people who had never come to theaters before and only visited casinos. It is a pity that the time when every play was an attempt to say the truth about Soviet politics in form of a fable, is over. People would stand in queues on winter nights, setting fire to keep warm. This is definitely not what the modern audience wants. However, we are still the helpers in social development, it is not by occasion that the theater is called the “Temple of Arts”. Just as church heals souls, the theater should do likewise.

- I can state it straight that I lie down to sleep and I wake up with a blessing to my destiny and to God for everything that happened in my life. It is this awe and human gratitude are very important, they save you of many dangers. I analyze my life and I understand that everything that has not happened is something I never needed.


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