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ROKSOLANA CHERNOBA  from the editor

LIVE TWICE AS LONG AS NORMAL: A Trendy Topic of Today.

Not long ago, scientists brought forward another theory that might help to prolong active human life. Upon their information, we have to get rid of a minuscule obnoxious thingy that even some worms are unaware of. We have to get rid of tiredness.

Human cells just get tired of living, even though they are formally capable of supporting the construct for some 50 to 60 years over the period of normally accepted limits of longevity. This is the statement made by people who spent years observing the cells through their microscopes.

In turn, this means that the cause of all of our complaints when we are over 30 is that millions of live tissue connections start a kind of strike, sorry for labor movement slang.

This treacherous process goes on with participants showing no fanatic feelings. Say, today it's all right and your heart is pumping hard and your eyes sparkle, nostrils widen, and friends and colleagues rub against you as matches against a flint.

But here comes the dreaded Tomorrow. While through the night you managed to keep the same combination if limbs and coordination center, you suddenly start to hate your ancestors for the gift of upright walking they developed to give you. Somehow making yourself rise, you concentrate your hatred and understand that you are tired not just of yourself but of a dozen other people who have undergone no change through the night.

You are tired of listening to them, answering them, explaining, enlightening, praising, and blaming them. Moreover, you are sure that there is no person in this world who can understand, embrace, or bear the way you feel. You are incredibly lucky if you have an opportunity to hide away, turn off, and show no signs of existence you used to appreciate, for at least several hours. Often before you expect, the stimulant cells change their prisoner uniforms to cleaners', and start to wash, cleanse, and repair, getting the ship of your body ready for a new journey so well that an around-the-world travel would seem like a walk in the park. Seconds and minutes fly with a whizzing sound and with every cell you feel how nice and easy your life is. This feeling is just yours, foreign to the most elusive worm with which scientists try to solve the riddle of eternal energizer.

If this energizer is extracted and becomes a certified drug, I am 100% per cent confident to say that I would not be using it if my cells are not capable of scoring a goal in the plus time I am able to acquire. If a person is just over 50 and he overused the force of nine lives just like some cat, and is ready to give his or her soul to God, it just means that he is tired and no magic worms can help this.

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