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TALL STORIES by Dutch Jewellers

“Once upon a time there lived - there were,   ...........  and   ...  and they died in one day.“
...... No,  these  “STORIES”  are  a  little  bit  different  and  time  is  a  little  bit  different,
not “Somewhere”, “Someone” and “Once upon a time”  but HERE!  And NOW!

The Dutch love their storytellers and care about them.
The very thought that storytellers live among us is positive in itself.

Here are presented works of 8 famous contemporary Dutch jewellers:
               Iris Eichenberg, Lucy Sarneel, Robert Smit, Truike Verdegaal,
               Gijs Bakkers, Dinie Besems, Manon van Kouswijk,Ted Noten.

The exhibition was organized by Liesbeth den Besten by request of “Erasmus Huis”
the Dutch Cultural Centre in Jakarta. After closing down in Museum SM‘s-Hertogen-
bosch the “STORIES” will go to Indonesia.

Image- Gijs  Bakker:  Brooch Tongue.  1985.  silver.  diamond.
b/w  photo.  PVC.  (Nr. 173)

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