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Sasha Valtz. “Dido and Aeneas” in Berlin

Text by Tatiana Istomina

Sasha Valtz is a first category star. The alternative German choreographer is charging the German capital with energy. Here she has a group of her own, and here the first run of her performance “Flows and ebbs” recently happened, which excited the audience beyond any limits, as usually is the case with Sasha.
Sasha is known all round the world, wherever she comes on tours. She is known also in Moscow, some of her projects were showed here. Today the focus is a recent creation of Sasha Valtz, that was made in StaatsOper, Berlin, Unter-den-Linden – one of the oldest opera theatres of the world ( ... )

“Dido and Aeneas” (1689) is an opera of English composer Henry Purcell, based on Virgil’s poem «Aeneid». It is a rare masterpiece and it must be the most moving love story ever expressed by means of opera. Sasha Valtz, first time in the role of an opera director, created a matching piece of art ( ... )

© DE I / DESILLUSIONIST #-1.  “Life, death and destiny. “Dido and Aeneus” by Sasha Valtz in Berlin”

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