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Pier Paolo Koss. Daimon from Eden

Text: Elena Solominsky 

Pier Paolo Koss is one of the principal choreographers of the Italian contemporary dance who has already realized more than 40 creations throughout the world. He is a director, dancer, designer, author of installations and media projects, but what is more important – he is an artist. The artist of his life. It is not possible to distinguish the boundaries between his private life and his stage image. One can’t but be impressed by his wide understanding of contemporary art which is limited neither geographically nor temporally. At the beginning of the 90s Pier Paolo Koss opened Russia for himself and became part of art-medium overnight turning our worlds into an enchanting spectacle.
For him life is a performance, a performance is life. Both of them are characterized by extension, development, space, feelings. He can’t imagine his life without a constant chain of people, cities, contacts, theatres, stages, museums and galleries; he needs all this like air.

Pier Paolo Koss: In some projects I include live music. Sometimes I need classical music, sometimes avant-garde. The energy of music gives the artist and the public a lot, but I’m against music suppress a performance and I don’t want people just listen to the music and nothing else. All the components of the performance should agree with each other: installation, video, sound, characters, text and noises. All should be parts of the whole. An idea has many sources. It can be a dream, a feeling, and a search for the moment, person and place...  An image dawns upon your mind. This happened with “New Eden”. “New Eden” is absolutely different, different materials and different thoughts. Contemporary world is inconceivable without Eros and his images. All advertising nowadays is based on the demonstration of a human body. Beautiful women and handsome men... From time immemorial beauty symbols have been transformed in our time. So, the idea of new-media is a political overturn, a new force that brings people closer to reality.
Never shift your ground to become more comprehensible to others. My position is important for me: “Hold your own!” Stick to your high standards, otherwise what a society are we going to create? I’m interested in impulses, emotions. The plot always restricts. I think there are more than enough completed stories in the world: wonderful books and films and it is fantastic. But live performance, free movement without a direct plot seems much more attractive to me.
If we do not realize that it is we who form space and time, then we lose a considerable part of our life not only in the art but in general ( ... )

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