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ROKSOLANA CHERNOBA  from the editor

I remember dreams where strange things happen to strangers. Why do these dreams come to me, and not to the people who are close to those strangers?
Every person has a list of legitimate memories, of which he or she is deprived. It might be that someone else is recollecting them in our stead and therefore is as perplexed. Why? What is this? What’s the use of it?
In most cases – none. This is just a peculiarity of our existence: to complete, to broadcast something that was expressed by another person or by a bunch of people we do not know. A dream is just another level of communication: most simple, most common. Being with simple soul, we store a heavy burden of memories inside ourselves; and when we meet somebody who can decipher these already forgotten informational codes into a live, real event, an image, a sound, a state of mind, or a feeling – this is a rare stroke of luck. This is one of the signs of talent, the divine mark.
Each person in DE I can name at least three other people, and those three can name three more each. And then it will turn out that talented people are all round, and that they are around you.
To tell the truth, this way of thinking is inaccurate. It is just reflecting the number of connections, which God bestowed on some unique people. Out of a hundred cases only in ten do we accept the open part of their consciousness. And out of those which we accepted, the best of the best are in DE I.

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