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The Apocalypse of  Geidar Dzhemal

In this interview, the popular leader of Islamic intellectuals of Russia, writer and public speaker Geidar Dzhemal (a.k.a. Heidar Jemal), the Chairman of Islamic Committee of Russia, the ideologist of Intellectual Jihad (monotheism as the instrument of liberation of human being from the bonds of the state, the market and the information society) speaks on his visions of the future: post-modernism, money, the future World War, gender roles and their changes both with actual men and women and as feminine and masculine roles of the state system and the World.

- The fiercest adept of contemporary postmodernism is the state system. Contemporary state is extremely eclectic in its propaganda, symbolism, methodology, etc. It plays with different brands, diverts traditional meanings, acts as demagogue and sophist. It is anti-project in its core. The State treats the individual life as a psychiatrist treats dangerous patients. From the point of postmodernism, any modernism is terrorism. But I foresee in the very depths of this fall, the dawn of the amazing paradox: it is from amidst women that the priestesses of phallic origin, who would stand in the way of decline and become Athens in silver armor. These are they who with their cult would create the base for the embodiment of the new knightly type.


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