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200 years of the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin
On March 10, the exhibition “Russian Emperors and the Armory Chamber” opens a series of events held during the year in the frameworks of the celebration of Kremlin Museums. It may be a sensation for museum lovers, as not only little-known masterpieces of the Kremlin collections are to be shown but also exhibits from Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The exhibition is open March 11.

Easter Festival of Music
It is the 5th Easter Festival celebrated in Moscow. This year, its program is tribute to Shostakovich, as it is his 100th anniversary. It is celebrated widely and has enormous number of events: over 90 events in 16 days. As usual, the main newsmaker of the festival is Valery Gergiev, and of the genres, of special note are choirs. The Festival starts on April 23.

As we get closer to March 23, the city streets are going to be adorned with the posters of this year’s Photobiennale 2006. Thanks to the labors of the Moscow House of Photography team and personally Olga Sviblova, we are going to see the classics of photography and some less known but interesting names. The best thing about every biennale is discoveries.

The Golden Mask
From March 29, nearly every day the main theater festival of the year presents the best plays of the 2004-2005 season. The nominees mostly come from Moscow and St Petersburg, but experts know them quite well and await for something special and surprising from Siberia or the Urals.

The Masterpieces of the Impressionists from Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France
Lasting from April 17 to July 23, this is a part of the program called “Museums of the World congratulate Tretyakov Gallery with its 150th anniversary”. The last year, Tretyakov Gallery showed about a half of its collection in Paris.

Space and Time, the Personal Exhibition of Sir Norman Foster
Opening April 24, the State Museum of Fine Arts presents projects, models, ideas of an outstanding architect of today, who won the challenging project competition for the reconstruction of New Holland, a region in Central St Petersburg.

GOLDENMASKCLUB is coming back. Musical satellite of “The Golden Mask”, organized by producer and director Eduard Boyakov together with promoter Alexander Cheparukhin, bring such world music stars as Tony Levin (USA), Pat Masterlotto (USA), Nina Nastasia (USA), Gary Lucas and Gods & Monsters (together with the musicians from The Television and The Talking Heads) (USA), Hazmat Modine (USA), Warsaw Village Band (Poland), Fun-Da-Mental (England, Pakistan). Concerts at the Theater Centre “Na Strastnom” since March 29 to April 17.


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