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Biophonics: The Power of Divine Vibrations of Voice

Photo: Maxim Masaltsev  

Peter Goncharuk says that human voice is not for the expression of feelings alone. Taking in the account that he was right predicting the end of some singers’ careers, in his 65 years of extensive life and a multitude of scientific experiences, Goncharuk may know something we never thought of. He can heal himself or return the abilities of a young person, and he teaches this art, where singing is the art of life.

In his book “Biophonics”, Goncharuk uncovers his own genuine biological formula of happiness:

The feeling of wonder comes at the moment of neuroresonance in spinal cord. Human body has a number of natural resonators. Apart from well-known throat, mouth and nose resonators there is the perfect resonator, at the scull base. The neuroresonance transmitted via this resonator to the cord the old called the awakening of Kundalini.

You may suggest that opera singers should be quite healthy, but professional singers may actually cause more damage to themselves. If the sound in the lungs is organized incorrectly, the person shortens his or her life to the extreme. There are a lot of early deaths among singers.

Breathing is a feeling. A person who coordinates his vocal function at the same time regenerates all organs and systems. Energy channels start working, blood circulation stabilizes, good sleep returns.

If breathing and responsible muscles are specially trained, a sportsman can have a much longer career.
So, I see use of biophonics in sports, performing arts, and medicine.

Our cells interact with each other, and if a person organized his breathing correctly, he uncovers the whole new world. Unfortunately, there are but single persons able to uncover this world. In the 20th century, there are only Feodor Chaliapin, Aureliano Pertile, and Enrico Caruso. Pavarotti stopped sweating only after he was 60, as he finally learned to manage his voice. Placido Domingocan manage it by about 80 per cent, while Jose Carreras does not know much about singing. As for pop and rock stars, I could take the voice of a smoking and drinking person of about 50 years of age and make his vocal abilities fit for a young person again.

Academian Goryachev in his writings states that it is the voice of the Creator written in our chromosomes. And there is a lot of evidence in favor of this.


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