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Menegetti. Two Morals of Wisdom

Menegetti’s philosophy uncovers the opportunity of life choice, the realization of the freedom of will. In March 2006, Antonio Menegetti celebrates his 70th anniversary. We at De I wish him good health and hope that the main ideologist of desillusionism continues to inspire us further on. Honoring our readers’ request, we publish a chapter from Menegetti’s book “The Wise and The Art of Life”.

I am not going to speculate on the borders of justice and unjustice. I would like to dwell on the way of life of the wise person going his own way.

It is enough to have a glance at the culture and mass media to see their permanent break with reality. The form of presentation becomes a goal in itself and serves to polish the next slogan of the day. In part due to the fact that the masters of word do not do anything by themselves (the Truth is an action, not a word), in part due to the fact that all the serious mass media have social character, the publishing activity becomes limited to the propaganda of the momentary opinions of socially and financially influential circles… It is evident that the conscious delivery of exaggerated information takes place, to invoke more emotions. It is the urge to win public interest at any price, illustrated by any newspaper title, which is likely to be mistaken for the witness of pluralism and the extreme democracy of the society where every person has an absolute value.

But if every person has the right for independent perception of phenomena and relation towards them, where is the base of the justice and the state? What is, in effect, justice?

Everyone is moving in a direction, but some need a goal and know that it exists. Philosophy and religion is not enough to find the right path. The cause of this is these two factors:

Contradiction to the laws existing in society and creating the network of legal obstacles. The legal system (the Constitution, the Civil Law and the Criminal Law) balance relationships on the basis of rules set by the power representatives. This power is given to them by the majority. It would be a mistake to see the manifestation of the original idea of creation in the legal justice. If a person wants success in society, he has to know the written law well and conform to it disregarding whether the law is just or unjust. Any action of this person is only possible if it is legal. The real integrity is meaningless.
The attempts to ignore the historical judicial conventionalities in favor of the eternal laws of existence lead to death of those who does not play by the common rules. Such people are incapable to fulfill their transcendental function. We are all made of the same clay, and those who think they are prophets are awaited by the cross. It would be rational if those who can help the world stay in it. Providence is powerless if the best representatives of humanity are to die or be expelled. There is no use trying to make them crucify one more Christ, there is meaning in hard work and obeying common rules. There is a necessity in cooperation with the world without dissolving in it: crawl like a snake, staying a dove in your heart.

If a person suffers from the contradiction between the law of this world and the law of eternity, it means that wisdom has not been born yet inside him. When it is born he understands that no danger can threaten the eternity.


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