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Piano Casa of Peter Aidu

Peter Aidu is a pianist and a teacher of piano in Moscow Conservatory. What makes him remarkable is the deepest love to the instrument. It is a devotion that goes far beyond playing. He started to save the pianos no-one needs finding new homes for them, and naturally came to restoration of old instruments dating back to as early as 18th century.

- Today, many people have come to understand that the full, clear and relatively uniform sound of the modern grand piano can never replace in full the special attraction of, say, Vienna hammer clavier of the late 18th century in the music of Mozart. Even academically trained musicians sometimes state that we have “missed” the ideal piano and the golden age of this instrument is embodied in the pre-WW2 Bechstein and Bluthner.

- Old pianos are also interesting as objects of history and art, as information media of the culture of their time. All the best technologies of their time, as well as the views on what is sound of music, are preserved in them.

- My project is called “Piano Shelter”, as there are shelters for homeless children and animals. Pianos can also be homeless and only different from animals because you need not feed them or clean after them. I do not have a place to store them. This is why I am working on this project now, I would like it to become a reality. Dwelling on the fact that a long-unused instrument needs to be played for some time before it sounds good again, I started playing them. On March 31, 2006 I will be playing the beautiful English Collard & Collard grand piano in the House of Music in Moscow. I will also display photos to attract attention to the “Shelter”.

- Nowadays there are but few people able to imagine these instruments were used to play music. And the master craftsman who created the piano, left part of his soul in it, and after many years it transgresses to every person who would sit at it.


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