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ROKSOLANA CHERNOBA  from the editor

In cognition, you make discoveries, which bring closer the fast and attractive forms of mental life. It is a series of meetings, exchange of emotions, acquisition of skills totally new to you. There are so many impressions that you just cannot stop to imagine the consequences. You do not master your time anymore, you do not master yourself. The speed of perception blurs your edge of saturation, you become a bottomless vessel.

However, the trick is that someone already provided you with a tough, hard form of personality. The excessive, accepted as valuable, is withheld in the realm of illusions.

In essence, this is a veil of delusions that accompanies frustration and failure. When this happens, due to inertia you do not feel the mistakes and continue to move, causing a serious trauma to yourself. You should have courage and strength to leave the crash area.

Before meeting Polunin, the failure was not understood.

However, he knows how to meet with such people, those who hurry to turn the world down under themselves. At his place, there is no room for the justification of fuss. Polunin provides a completely different trajectory of movement, the movement of peace, the movement towards childhood.

His house is situated between Paris and Disneyland in France. Any point in Europe is reachable from here in 3 hours. This is the ideal place for making decisions in a short time.

Somewhere there between Paris and Polunin, the 3d DE I was born, where there are but a few pages between Polunin and any point of human life.


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