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text: Cristina Filipe

What is interesting about Portuguese contemporary jewellery?
The actions. The individual attitudes. The thoughts. The feelings. The need to create possibities of personal expression through material.
Sensibility and honesty and having the conscience of the presence of the human body - is not an easy task. We all struggle especially when we decide to be honest and responsible of what we are doing here.
To create a new object in a world of compulsive consumption this is definitely an act of responsibility and deep consciousness. Especially when we talk about jewellery so often related to a superfluous itemin our times.
But in Portugal, as in any part of the world when someone decides to create a body-related-object, the meaning and the purpose attached to this action should be backed by a strong statement and a strong emotion...

...Jewellery can be fashion, jewellery can be narrative, jewellery can be conceptual, jewellery can be just about jewellery itself or related to all other areas of expression of what is going on around the world. Not so different, as always, to the other areas of expression...


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