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Alexander Zakharov. All the Big Things – in Childhood

All that which is sincere, spontaneous in us – all is originating from our childhood. This small human being inside us, open to everything, – is our soul.
When we are children, our soul is close to God, for she hasn’t got used to the body; and infinity is frightening.

A soft toy for a small child is not just somebody who is even smaller, but somebody who loves him and obeys him, and who is also a kind angel sent by God.
It often happens that in a child’s consciousness the “velvet angel” becomes an even more important being than “the sender” himself. When you don’t feel good, when nobody loves you and the world turned away from you, the little velvet friend becomes the only one who understands you, consoles and helps you. Each of us might remember how it feels when a child, abused and rejected by “the big world”, runs to hide in some secluded corner, holding the favourite toy next to the heart, and confides all the injustice, and asks for help.

There is an ancient Chinese curse, which goes something like: «May you live in interesting times ». The time when our generation has entered life fits precisely into this cursed category. All of us fell under the power of the demons of destruction, doubts and despair. We are playing with evil and still think that we are in control of the process: a dreadful mistake! Art that was created by a person forms his personal existential space.

We could take a ticket to our past and see the world through the eyes of a child. Of course such a trip would cause fears in most grown ups. The ability to see – without analysing - the inner (hidden) life in any object or event is a great gift of childhood. And it’s still right here, and each of us can use it any moment ( ... )


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