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All of us take part in creation of figments, fantasies and myths, in other words in the actualization of images that are the form of action. In the world of images there are not only projects, hopes and future, but also the hidden threat of illusion.
Illusion is an optical illusion, a construct, an image that does not have exact concordance with reality.
Illusion is a calming, relaxation, escape from outer conditions,that are sometimes very intrusive. Having a walk, a sigarette, reading a good book, looking at nice photos are all very nice illusions. Sometimes we create illusions at will, we become film directors or writers.
In real life, most people are in illusions. This is a part of our life. But we should differentiate: is this situation temporary, well-thought-of, deliberate? Or do we believe in illusions? Illusion gives extension, form, endlessness to our potential.
We bare our heads before illusion! At the moment of illusion we feel happy, we are in paradise (even if it is an imitation it is still beautiful), and we like it. It is here where the great world of Arts starts: music, cinema, theatre, stories, and fairy tales.
When this all is connected to a rational and functional project, which leads eventually to a necessary result, illusion gives comfort, courage, and strength. Besides, we humans, live in the dimention of space and time, and do not have a simple total moment of eternity.
Many illusions become basis of someone’s schizophrenia. Some give an opportunity to see the life potential hidden beside an image, or vice versa provoke regress, as someone may compensate with illusion something he does not have in reality.
The whole world of cinema, information, image, advertizing, creates an illusion to provide the basis for market development. Today, this world consists of clones, copies of multitude of illusions. In areas of sociology, politics, religion it is very important how much illusions correspond to reality. No-one knows what the truth is, so everyone is out to invent it. At the same time illusion is also the urge to reach the truth, the courage to follow it. Thus, it shows the project of future, and at the same time gives strength when you see your limitations.

Illusion is the veil of Maya.

Love is one of the greatest illusions. We love those we appreciate, but forget that sometimes, the other loves us only to be loved. In love, we often seek to compensate what we could be but never were, because of someone who loves us “as we are”. And we for the whole life stay in the beautiful illusion of our incompleteness. Illusion in which some people become so totally involved, it gives you an in-depth alibi, so that we do not act. It is the force that narrows reality. Love is a wonderful thing. But how important it is to know how to love! A calf loves cabbage, and sun loves life… If you want to be serious about love, it is important to understand that it is more important to love than to be loved. Only the one who can deprive himself of every illusion of love, which means, to stand at the point of Desillusionism, this one is strong, great, as he can really love and give!

As long as you have found your ideal object you should forward all your mind towards the keeping of this love. But most often we treat it as users, takers, without open heart, life, acceptance of other one’s fhreedom. Love becomes a hidden web in which one kills the other. Our feelings gallop inside illusion and then autumn comes leaving only bare field around waiting for winter.
Love is beautiful only when both its entrance and exit are free. And this freedom is in the building of desillusionism, which exists not to be negative but to preserve love. The killing of illusion is the art of being yourself. To love is to be a constant source of life, to produce permanently.

In the end, I would like to share a fable:

Once there lived an old man and old woman on top of a high mountain. Once they sat beside the fire, cold and poor. Only two coals burned in the fireplace. Old man and woman kept very close to each other stretching out their hands towards the fire to keep warm. After some hours the old woman said, “These coals are all the same, maybe I should blow at them so that they burn stronger and it gets warmer.”
The old man said, “No you’d better not do that, because they will finish faster.”
In the end, the old woman could not stand it and blew upon the coals. The coals disappeared, because actually they were the eyes of a cat staring at the old couple.

Many people cultivate illusions because they are afraid to look inside themselves. They think that when illusions disappear, it becomes worse than before. But in my view, it is better to be in an illusion, always remembering the desillusion. I would say that you should keep the dove of illusion in one hand, which is able to fly, and the snake of desillusion in the other hand, able to kill the dove at any moment. Illusion is a projection of our hopes and ambitions. Maybe it is what we could have become but never dared.
When my eyes look at the endlessness of images: the poetry of flowers on the table, bare feet of a woman walking in the rain, a child at the mother’s breast, the sun during the day and moon in the night, these all are but keys to endlessness. And maybe it is illusions that lock it with this key.
To create a magazine and call it Desillusionist is a great stimulation for those who may read it and start contemplating. This is the chance to look at society from behind the final curtain.

So, Desillusion Galore!


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