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IN CREDIBLE   Alexsander Ponomarev

He covers with drawings a submarine and inscribes the Black sea. There is no space restriction for his ideas and his pictures adorn museums of many capitals of the world.Alexsander Ponomarev is a former naval officer, now one of the leading Russian artists. He is the artist of pirate honour code, the elaborator of adventure theory and the creator of art for fishes.

De I: What do you think of the modern Russian art status in the world-wide society?

A.P.: The modern art is just in the West. We can compete with the western countries only regarding ideas, drive and peculiarity.

De I: But western collectors buy the modern Russian art up and consider it a good investment…

A.P.: That is an illusion. One can see the difference between the quantity of the sold pictures of the English artist Domian Hearse and the Russian artist Koulik which are not worse from artistic point of view. Though I do not starve being an artist in Russia.

De I: When you were inscribing the Black sea was it an artist impulse or something else?

A.P.: I love the Black sea, it is my home. We began setting the huge letters at 6 a.m., the wind was blowing, that was extremely hard.
Of course all my projects contain a part of adventure but that is in the art. When I was covering with drawings a submarine I was asked “what for?”. Now I am going to organize a festival in Antarctica that is my project. It is the Russian project and an international one either. Luxemburg museum takes part in it. I shall have some international projects next year. The 20-years old Theatre festival “De Tour” held in France is the most important. I am making another project named “Nemo Verne”. I have invented a structure for the ocean to play an organ due to ebb and flow as the captain Nemo used to do near to Saint Michele Mountain ( ... )


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