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A VOICE IN THE DESERT.  Panaiotis Merekos

There is the endless УOut thereФ of the great Creation, where you travel even at the moment you read me. How often they have been giving you the chance to remember this? That you are Space Travelers? ( Е )
I do not speak to you as someone who got disappointed in the routine reality of objects, but uses a legal way of escapism as substitute for drugs. There are some whose brain mixes religious symbols and archetypes, mermaids, crystal, and angels, live and in color with a big neo-hippie smile. With an exotic carpet that still covers all the trash like guilt, trauma, pain. This carpet paves the way for those who control lives of the others through media, fashion, TV shows, those who form the pyramid of the most ancient social lore. ( Е ) организован в рыхлую ступенчатую пирамиду старейшего общественного стро€.
Even now as you read along these lines, you travel on the edge of the Galaxy, and the Galaxy in its turn travels across the Universe. I bid you farewell until we meet again, and I wish you beautiful dreams that you will give life to ( ... )

Panaiotis Merekos, August 2004


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