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PROJECT HUMAN:   Antonio Menegetti

“You can play, enjoy yourself, do whatever you please, but you should not betray your inmost moment of truth” –, Antonio Menegetti, a scholar, a psychologist, a philosopher, and an artist, speaks on the source of depression, inner fear, the role of “fate” in self-realization, and the necessity of inner revolution.

Depression is not a biological problem, but rather psychological. In spring, Nature wakes up, life energy gets stronger, and this requires more efforts... In autumn, social life revives, demanding an answer from a person. The studies begin, new relationships start. In effect, depression demonstrates that a person does not want or does not know how to handle inmost energy, how to direct it outside. Depression is a reaction of mind that points at lost opportunities. Psychological mechanism of depression is as follows: the instincts that you have repressed,  the opportunities you have not realized, you feel like "pain" or "loss"in your mind. The decadence of life instincts brings depression in its classic, medical understanding... In other words, you feel kind of static inside, a degree of lousiness, and at the same time all the pathological processes you had in potential, arise. Depression is the manifestation of life instincts not invested into successful actions ( … )


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